Wednesday 6 June 2012

Some Poems


To turn off a light
Takes a courage unseen
To delve into darkness
And all shades between
Makes it hard to recognise
The form you took first
A vague sense instead
Prolonging the thirst

I looked in a mirror
I suspected it lied
A reflection, a stranger
My heart strings were tied
I frantically searched
All the corners that hide
For me, as I began
For the first time I cried



Goodnight, ladybirds
It’s time to rest
Let all that sparkles
To sleepy sand

There comes a time
When even beauty dies
And all that’s left
Avoids the eyes

Tread carefully on your road
To dreams untold
Let your hair unfold
Undressed and bold
Messy with gold
Rolling in a decadence
Made wealthy by stars


That Feeling

Oh fuck!
There it goes!
I’ve been on my toes since the moment we froze

In time- one second
Is vast
All logic a mask

I don’t want to cry
For no reason why
I want to wake up
And fly fly fly

Out of the grey
And bastarding ways
Of making me heard-
Where’s the fun in excess?
Meaningless sex
No respect
I expect

Fortunate ways
Of getting a raise
Bask in the praise
My pretty young bird

I once heard a song
It set me free just that once
Play it again, let it run
Through my veins
Run over my curves
Vanish my pains



I heard that silence...
It came over you like a mask
Porous and seeping
Falling from the ceiling
White and exotic
A noise so still
At caterpillar pace
Forbidding- don't cross


The Haunting

Why are you still here?
You cackling reminder
Your nose as large as my fear
Your feet planted stubbornly
Pig-strength you remain
The star of my dreams

I fear you the most
I love you the least
Clawing at my mind
A ghost of a ghost
A shadow of an illusion
An optical illusion
A coronary illusion
All of it-

But its just a word.
You still glow as bright as pain.


Provide me with evidence
From the last providence
Festering with guilt
This shoe doesn’t fit

Provide me with diaries
Left over from fairies
Reason left and right
Until the centre does fit

Plead and tilt
Wear me like silk
Forever and free
Effortlessly me



Languid lovers in a foreign light
Head lamps searching
Lost love in gutters
Pressing charges, funny umbrellas
Suitable windows, an angel’s delight
Sparkling nonsense, candied tounges
Purposefully licking
Twisting my words
Preoccupied with truth
Resisting feeling
The road forks twice
And I linger below
Any map that could show
Could not bend
As far away
As it goes


Sparkly new
Brush off the dust
Venture, discover
Personify lust
For a bigger meaning
To rid of the rust