Tuesday 22 January 2013

Assorted Poems

The Dreamcatcher Garden

In the dreamcatcher garden,
Roots grow from soil swimming with sleep
You must be quiet here- the plants need warmth and blessings of slumber
Do not shine a light, the sun is not needed
The plants moonbathe and feed off the stars
Flowers grow, sometimes with bloody petals and murky odours
These nightmares you must preen
Walk carefully in this garden, tread lightly in your step
Even the deadest of leaves may be dreamt of again
To water the bushes- imagine a stream
Stand above them and let out the puddles of your memory
They will soak them up gladly
Pick the dreamcatcher when it is ripe
And dangles off the tree
Shut the gate before you wake
Re-enter in your dreams


Jealous Girl

A shot of sour gin:
Unfair, unjust
You watch as a curtain falls.

Suck as you swallow
Each drop- you ask-

Something hangs from the willows
Creaking arm cobweb

Jealous fuck
Tears open a mouth and screams something
You would not hear
With innocent ears.

Bathe in once-was
Look further than then
It is now and it’s done

Awash, await.


I can't grasp

A light in the fire or a glimpse
Of concrete nature
Do I have to describe
Or can I just say...

It’s a mixture
A bubble broth
A tongue twisted sibilance
Of sexual sacrifice-
Sibling rivalry-
Did I get what I want?

I overgrow my thoughts in to bushes
branches they gleam with berries

I put them there, mouth open, waiting
I saw not.

I saw not your hand in the mirror
Shunning my grasp

Prematurely, my eyes wet
Oh river
Let me forget.


Train Journey 1

Feeling small amongst large buildings
Their lights glow neon
I grow in

Feeling small and
Back I go 
To small walled prisons
I crave tidy comfort
with cushions and phone calls

I have rivers who demand to crash through
I suck them in with the power of a breath
And all tightness demands submission.

Back I go
To the darker ways
And the round about sneers

I could collapse in my mother’s arms and smell her wool
But that would only backtrack
And help me hide

What I need is air
Alone or not I don’t care

Belittled, I know this feeling
A wet face as the train chugs fierce.